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About Us

Welcome to Brews Food Travel !

Hey there fellow vagabonds and beer lovers!

We’re Jason and Tami, and we are so happy that you are joining us on our adventure to find cool locals, tasty food and great beer!

We thought we’d tell you a bit about us, so that you know who we are and why we decided to share our adventures.

Our relationship started over a great craft beer, or three.

One of the things that makes our relationship work, is our shared love of exploring, finding good food and even better beer. We’re lucky that we live in the Colorado Front Range, often called the “Napa Valley of Beer”, where we have a never ending supply of new beer and new breweries to try, and a growing food scene that goes hand in hand with all of that beer!

Over the past few years, we’ve taken our quest to find good food and great beer on the road. We even planned our honeymoon at Oktoberfest in Munich, before we planned our wedding!

This site is the story of our adventures to find two things we love to share. Food and Beer.

So… Why Did We Create Brews Food Travel?

So many of the cool breweries and food spots we’ve found, while on our travels, have come from word of mouth.

We meet tons of cool people sitting in a tap room, and more often than not, the folks we meet are happy to share their favorite spots. We figured we’d take this idea to the next level and create a site and blog dedicated to putting out the word of mouth on all of the cool spots that we visit.

Many of the breweries and restaurants that we will highlight are small, locally owned spots. As small business owners, we like to share the love, and give our business to other local spots that do things right.

We also love small communities, and locations that make us feel like we are not just another tourist. So as we travel, even in our home state of Colorado, we’ll share with you the best communities we visit, and let you know about all of the great gems they have to offer.

What You’ll Find at Brews Food Travel

We’ve got a bunch of great things going on here!

  1. A travel journal: you’ll get the 4-1-1 on all of the places that we visit. We’ll tell you what we love, and what you can easily skip over.
  1. A helpful blog: besides where to visit and what beers to try, our blog will give you great tips on how to travel with ease and find bargains and hacks, to make your adventures easier and maybe even cheaper!
  1. Marriage counseling: We’re still newlyweds, so occasionally, you’ll find funny stories and helpful advice about traveling with your spouse or partner. This probably benefits us more than you, but if we can help make traveling as a couple, more fun for you too, then we’re glad we could help!
  1. Cool gear: we love stuff that makes traveling easier. Check out the Gear and Resources page for the best stuff around, to make heading out on your adventure more comfortable. We’ve got everything from tech gadgets to document your adventures, to apps and websites that we use to save time and money, and the gear that we travel with that keeps it all together.

So there you have it. Welcome to Brews Food Travel! We are so glad you decided to join us.

Oh, and if you have a cool spot that you want us to check out, send us a message!

Happy Travels!


Jason and Tami

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